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You are fire. Control Fogo, the flame on his journey to find his way home. Play through a vast beautifully crafted world with wonders to explore... and burn it all to the ground. Do whatever is necessary to keep little Fogo alive, blazing from caves, through forests, up hills and to the stars. Play the hottest platformer this decade!  

  • If you can point and shoot, you can play Fogo. Simply aim yourself to where you want to go and sling fire. 
  • The chaotic nature of fire is in your possession. Experience the chain reaction of each fire lit and experience the satisfaction of each move you make.   
  • Ignite over 5 different fuel types, each with their own special reactions!  
  • Experience handcrafted beautiful 2D worlds with classic aesthetics.


  • Pause: Escape on Keyboard or, Menu/Start on a controller 
  • Movement (swimming): Left stick on Xbox Controller 
  • Movement (Shooting while swimming): Hold Right Trigger (Xbox) and Aim with Left Stick then release Right Trigger.  
  • Select on controller to move to last checkpoint 


Click on the links for portfolios!

Noah MacDonald

Gabriel Bulcao Rachman

Jeremy Selwyn

Maria Starostina 

Chris Bradshaw 

 Tristan Durocher

Fred White

StatusIn development
Release date May 12, 2022
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withPaint.net, Krita, Unity, Aseprite
Tagsbounce, burning, Fast-Paced, fire, flame, fling, lava, Pixel Art, Short
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsGamepad (any)


FOGO_build (3).zip 291 MB


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Is there any way to play this game without an xbox controller?

Is the game supposed to have sound? I don't hear anything when I start it up.

Hi WanderingShadow, Thanks for playing! The game currently has no sound, so it is not a bug. Currently we are working with a composer for the music and sound effects and will have sound in the game shortly.

the flaaaaaaaaaame


:) :D

This game is pure 🔥

Thank you!